For Frequent Flyers, Retirement Travelers, and Multi-site Residents

If you find you spend significant time away from your primary home, for business or for pleasure, or if you live at more than one location during the year, keeping up on bills and banking can create unnecessary anxiety.

Maybe you are finally enjoying your retirement years, visiting family or taking that dream vacation. Keeping financial matters at home can keep you tied to your phone or computer when you should be focused on your time away.

Our professional bookkeeping services can help you pay your bills on time, balance your bank accounts and keep financial records in order, no matter where you are.  How can we help?

  • Security review on credit charges and accounts.  We will notify you of any unusual charges or fees while you are away.
  • Periodic credit card reviews to maximize your rewards and minimize fees and interest rates.
  • Postpone any services or deliveries directed by you, such as newspapers, cable, internet, water etc. while you are gone.
  • Set up bill pay for monthly bills, to avoid missed or late payments: mortgage, utilities, insurance, car payments, etc.
  • As a valued client, you get a secure, password-protected portal to store and access your tax returns, financial work papers, or accounting database.